The KBB Course Method Review – The Complete Knowledge Business Blueprint Review

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Coaching courses have never been more interesting. One of them is certainly the Knowledge Business Blueprint (KBB) method created by Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, and Dean Graziosi. They all share their knowledge about successful events that can change the business for better.

Is it possible to achieve better results with the help of this method?


Tony Robbins has been in the area of marketing and business for the last 30 years. He has gained a lot of knowledge about positive business models that actually elevates all kind of business segments. All the way from finding an ideal client to getting more sales, Tony Robbins has a solution to any question.


Now, Tony Robbins combines his strengths with other leading personas in order to create the ultimate course for people who want to get the best out of the masterminds in marketing.

The KBB course has 4 different modules. Each of them speaks about a certain activity that can change your business perspective.

KBB Course Module 1: Extract It

In this module, data are collected and presented in a completely understandable manner. This means more action in the actual implementation of the module. You will find out the following aspects.

  • Tony Robbins’ Secrets to Success – What to expect and how to succeed
  •  Discovering Your Expertise – Find out what you are best at
  •  Story, Teach, Tool Model – A perfect mastermind built by the triangle model
  •  Your Toolbox – Tools that we use in your events
  •  Creating Your Agenda – Drag and drop capabilities to create a bulletproof agenda

KBB Course Module 2: Fill It

Here, you will find out everything about presenting yourself as a marketing guru, which is the most important thing in the world of ever-changing conditions. Launching an event will be crucial on this journey.

  •  Becoming a Marketing Expert – Learn the ultimate philosophy of marketing
  •  Event Funnel Blueprint – How to know how much to charge for your event
  •  Marketing Wagon Wheel – Get knowledge about how to use social media platforms
  •  Application and Order Pages – Make the exact page layout for your event
  •  The Launch Secrets – How to successfully launch an event

KBB Course Module 3: Run It

If you want to make closer attention to the details of the event, you must consider this module. It perfectly describes the actions and organization of the exact event.

  • Perfect Mastermind Formula – How to run an event and what to consider the most
  • Virtual Event Checklists – See what, when and how to do it
  • Perfect In-Person Event – What to remember and how to organize the event
  • Final Steps – Step-by-step solutions to organizing the perfect event

KBB Course Module 4: Knowledge Broker

The last module is all about perfecting your skills. Learn how to be a presenter to the larger audience. With this module, your business can exponentially grow.

  • Knowledge Broker Formula – A formula based on brokering someone’s knowledge

What Else You Get

In addition to the Knowledge Business Blueprint course, you also get an insight into the Mindmint Software which is the best proof of implementation of learned skills. This software helps in the implementation of the actions.

  •  Consolidate Expenses into One – Accepting and designing payments
  •  Event Builder – Use the perfect formula to build an event
  •  Wisdom Extractor – Customize every event in 15 minutes
  •  Website Builder – Pages, emails, and funnels come together to make a perfect page
  •  Customer Tracking and Sales – Track and charge your customers by the built CRM
  •  Pre-designed Checklist – Get completely preloaded checklists for an effective event
  •  Integrations – Automate your work completely

Who Is This For

This product is for all entrepreneurs who seek for more resources to build their own events. Sometimes, it is all about the right information. That little secret can be found here. No matter if you are a beginner or a master of event managing, you will definitely find some extra tips to apply in your business orientation.

Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, and Dean Graziosi combine their ultimate experience to find a way to help people in their business management. They all come together to give us something we can use right now and right here. The results of the implementation of this product will show how powerful event management could be in today’s business.

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